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New Jersey Clown Pappagallo -


"I'm a teacher and I work part-time as a professional clown. Since I've been advertising on your site, I've had so many prospective customers, I've literally had to turn down jobs! With the number of customers that call, I could easily work full time as a clown and still have to turn down jobs."

-- Rich "Pappagallo" Gallerani, New Jersey


Twinkles the Classy Clown

"I receive at least five times the amount of party calls than many of my associates who have been in this business for at least five times as long as me and it's directly attributed to the advertising service that your site provides.


I am very proud to be associated with ClownsForHire, and would highly recommend you to absolutely anyone who is looking for the highest caliber of services.


Your outstanding company has helped me in my endeavor to get to the top of this field, and at lightning speed! Thanks again for everything, ClownsForHireYou have created a first-rate site and company that provides so much more than entertainer search services!"


-- Twinkles, The Classy Clown, Illinois


Clown in Chicago Illinois, Twinkles the Classy Clown
New York Clown Moogie -



"I think your service may be the greatest thing since whoopie cushions! I get lots and lots of actual bookings.

More than that, your search feature ensures that all of the contacts are pre-qualified for specific locations. Because I'm in a metropolitan area that covers 2 states, the 2 listings (one for each state) that I have on your site gets me clients from BOTH areas.

Personally, I think your customer service is excellent and I'm very thankful for ClownsForHire. It has really helped me to build my build my business!

You've made me one happy clown!"

-- Moogie, New York


Sparky the Clown has been a Godsend for me. My business has boomed as a result of being advertised on it. I get more work through it then through agents & other entertainment websites combined!!! It is very easy to use with all kinds of helpful tips to help me easily manage my account. I love the fact I can go into my profile and photos and change them in just a few minutes if I want. I wish other sites were this easy and well planned.

Through ClownsForHire, I'm able to present all aspects of my talents and let the customer know upfront what I have to offer.  Having photo's and my description of my services with my many years of experience connect me with clients who understand what they will receive and are confident they are booking the right entertainer for their special event. No clowning around... I highly recommend!

-- Sparky the Clown, California


San Francisco California Clowns - Sparky The Clown -



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