Special Events Entertainer in New York

Special Events Entertainer in New York

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Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Rocky The Clown 
Make your next party a unique experience. Your children will love the fun and exciting things Rocky does. The most important thing Rocky does focuses on is to make each party fun and exciting. No two parties are exactly the same. He wants you to remember the event, so he offers a photo opportunity to each person. They get to take home of picture of themselves and Rocky The Clown.
Imagine if they get their face painted and have a photo so they can remember what they looked like or a photo of ...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Crazy Daisy 
Crazy Daisy the clown performs for all kinds of children's events including birthday parties, daycare/school events, communions. festivals,christenings, holiday shows, block parties, promotions, etc. She performs a comedy magic show with an adorable live bunny named Ginger (the kids get to pet the rabbit after the show), plays musical games such as limbo, hokey pokey, and musical chairs and makes balloon animals.If there is time she does facepainting as well including painting such things as...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Happy Tea Clown 
Children's entertainer for over 8 years.

Balloon Twisting * Face Painting* Music and Games*

Simple Magic* Costumed Characters* Cotton Candy * Ices*

Specialty shows around children's crafts such as Fabric

Painting* Glitter Art * Sand Art * Jewelry Making* Pottery*

Spin art *Childrens Dress Up Fashion Show * Makeup Parties*

Silly Person Persona for children afraid of clowns

Reasonable prices* Discounts on multiple bookings....(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Amaze your guests with award winning transformative face painting, outrageous balloon sculptures, storytelling with balloons and more.
NYC and NJ's ONLY Masterclown, Moogie's REPEAT clients include the Guggenheim Museum and Chelsea Market.!
Available in clown or as a festively dressed entertainer.
Moogie offers amazing facepainting, hand painted glitter temporary tattoos, outrageous balloon sculptures, wacky magic and more!
Moogie also performs preschool and elementa...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Yorkie The Clown 
Yorkie is a NY Tri-State Area Entertainer. As an all-around entertainer for children from 1 to 99 years old, Yorkie can entertain with face painting (including full faces), balloon art, games, lite fun magic and puppets. You can be certain your guests will have a delightful time with Yorkie. As a NYC, NJ, Rockland and Westchester entertainer, Yorkie also has numerous characters, such as, Clowns or Holiday attired characters (e.g. Lovely Witchy Witch, Happy Elf, Funny Honey Bunny (open faced), Mi...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Clown / character available for childrens parties, singing telegrams, nursing homes, corporate, and special events.

A former childhood education major, Polkadots and her other self (known as Susan) have had featured appearances on "The Charles Grodin Show", "CNN 7:00 News", VH1's "Sledgehammer", as well as various public access shows. She's also a 3 time winner of the "Henry Williams Comedy Show" as well as a couple of other comedy conte...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Do you want a real talented professional clown at your next event? Want to hear the sound of laughter from children and adults? With 20 years under her belt and satisfied clients such as Mick Jagger, Puff Daddy and Al Roker, and her work with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, Toot-a-Loo offers an hysterical interactive family comedy variety show suitable for ages 3 and up. With little make-up, high energy, great improv skills, and sensitivity to the young kids, she begins her show with a sh...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Mismatch The Magic Clown 
*Wherever there are children MisMatch the clown will be there* Before you call, I'd like to tell you about myself so that we can spend more time discussing YOUR PARTY! My name is Carol. I started clowning 20 years ago by doing volunteer gigs with a clown group. My first profesional party was 15 years ago. The most rewarding part of clowning to me is meeting new people (like you), creating my own magic, learning new balloons, and most of all the excitement of making people laugh, if only ...(more)

Special Events Entertainer in New York: 
Hello! Bienvenidos! Bonjour!
(Ok, you get the hint...Welcome!!! )

I'm Loopsie, and as you can see I'm a colorful, happy, friendly Clown. I specialize in Birthday Parties, Special Events and Having Fun!
I'm Bi-Lingual Too!
(I'm also Tri-lingual! I'll TRY anything! :)

World Clown Association, yep I'm a member! I've also trained with well known Clowns all over the US during Clown Fest (in NJ). ...(more)

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