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  • Only 1-2 clowning jobs more than pays for a FULL YEAR OF ADVERTISING on

  • We've been "live" since summer of 1999.

  • We've had increases in traffic AT LEAST 50 - 100% PER YEAR EVERY YEAR! 

  • HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have used to try to find clowns in their areas.

  • On an average month, the site is searched by people from over 25 countries around the world.

  • Many TV stations have found clowns on for various purposes.

  • Many newspaper articles have been written about clowns that were found as a result of being advertised on

  • regularly supplies clowns for birthday parties, corporate events and parties, store openings, church events, school events, daycare centers, seasonal events, picnics, county fairs, state fairs, carnivals, arts and crafts festivals, multicultural events, and many times for cableTV programs, numerous publication articles, and even political events, a reality TV show, an ESPN2 clip, a PBS program, as well as others and the list continues to grow!


Professionalism Pays Off

There is no other resource available that is as effective as at literally putting your advertisement right in front of prospective customers on their computer screen. Keep in mind that this is highly target marketed traffic. It is not random internet traffic. It is traffic that is specifically looking to hire a clown in your area.

The big question is this.... If we're putting you literally on your prospective customer's computer screen, how good of a job are you going to do to make sure that the advertisement that you create causes the customer to pick up the phone and gives you a call?  We're doing our part, and we're doing it really well. Try it... Your stats will prove it!

Bottom line???... 175 bucks. Where else can you advertise FOR A FULL YEAR where only 1 clowning job pays for the ad for the whole year?!  
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