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  • We're the #1 clown advertising resource on the internet. No one provides as much business to the clowning community as we do. No one. As a matter of fact, according to our research, there is no other entity, (including print publications such as yellow pages or newspaper classified ads, etc., radio, TV, internet, etc) that even comes close to us! 
    Big statement, huh?! 
    Big, but true. 
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  • Only $175 to advertise FOR A FULL YEAR. Where else can you advertise FOR A FULL YEAR where only 1-2 clowning jobs pay for the ad for the whole year?!

  • We're the cheapest advertising service available. Where else can you place a 1-YEAR ad that only takes 1 clown job to pay for it? More importantly however, we're the most cost-effective marketing tool available. No other resource can deliver the value for the advertising cost like we do. No one else even comes close! 


How it works

The process is simple. 

  • Complete the the registration form to establish your advertising account.

  • Pay for the service using your Paypal account or your credit card. 
    We do not process any credit card transactions nor do we collect any of your credit card information. As a matter of fact, when paying for your service on, we don't even have access to any of your credit card info. We use the services of Paypal (owned by eBay) and They're both highly respected and well known in the online transaction industry. We use the services of these companies because of their reputation for providing the most secure transactions available. They make this payment process simple, highly secure, and quick.

  • You completely self-manage your account. 
    Everything you need to completely self-manage your account is available to you on your Account Home Page. You can make changes to your profile information, add or change photos, monitor your account statistics, etc. And, there is no limit to your usage of your account. Also, you are provided with detailed, comprehensive "Tips, Suggestions, and Account Help Info" to help you become a "Featured Clown" and to get ranked on the top of the search results for your area.

  • All prospective clients contact you directly. 
    They can call you, email you, or send you regular mail (if you chose to make your mailing address available to them). We're not a booking agency. We don't take commissions on your clients. The only amount you pay is $175 FOR A YEAR

Again, there is no other resource available that is as effective as Nothing else even comes close. We're the absolute best tool you can use for advertising your services. 
Bottom line???... 175 bucks. Register now.

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