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We're the best at what we do. We're the most cost-effective advertising you can find. No other advertising beats the results you get by advertising your services with us. NO ONE beats us.

There are basically 3 ways that most clowns manage their accounts:

1) No photos, little textual information - This is the most common mistake by clowns. If you're account falls into this category, then you probably won't benefit from this site.

2) 1 or 2 photos, poor photos, and/or poorly written Description of your Services (not very informative, not very creative, dull, etc) - This is also a common mistake. If you're account falls into this category, then you might get a few new customers, but you're not maximizing your potential.

3) 4 photos, fun and creative Description of Services, fun and creative Photo Descriptions, etc - This works and works very well!!! If you do this, you'll get business from Search through various Locations and see the clowns that manage their accounts like this. Our stats prove that those clowns are getting the traffic. Feel free to call us if you would like to know more about why.

We estimate that we've interviewed about a thousand people who were looking for clowns for hire in their areas. We typically ask them what it is that they're looking for as the surf the web in search of clowns who are for hire. What's the first thing they tell us? Photos. They want to see what you look like. Most often they tell us that they will not hire a clown without first being able to see what the clown looks like. It's logical. Think about it! Remember the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Clowns who don't provide photos are probably not going to get traffic. Put yourself in the shoes of the event planner or the mom who is surfing the site... If there are several clowns listed and you have no photos (or unprofessional photos) and the other clowns have several professional photos, then who do you think that event planner or that mom is going to contact? Hello? Think about it.

The site works if you'll properly use it. Our job is to put our advertisers in front of the exact market that they are trying to reach. Your account stats prove that we're doing our job very well!  We're doing it in significant volume. As a matter of fact, that traffic has NEVER decreased. It only continues to rise. We do a great job getting the traffic to search your area. There is a great deal of info available to you from your Account Home Page about the topic of managing your account to get the maximum benefit from it. It is designed specifically to help you make your profile look more professional and more effective in recruiting more business for you. If you'll be creative with your account, humorous, and professional with it, you see that it works and it works VERY WELL. Also, You can call us and we'll give you advice on how to make your account more effective. Additionally, we have FREE tele-seminars designed to help our advertisers with lots of topics regarding professionally managing their accounts in a way that brings them more traffic.

Still want more information? Call us...  We'll be happy to tell you all about our abilities and we can help you to maximize your benefits from this site. We'll be happy to tell you what works and what doesn't. We know how to get you more business. Try us, you'll see.

Bottom line???... 175 bucks. Register now.

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