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Clowning Advertisement Benefits and Features 

Are you a clowning professional looking to further advertise your clowning services?  Growing daily, we provide more business to the clowning community than any other entity on the planet.

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Benefits and Features:

  • No commissions due - You keep all clowning fees that you generate. You only pay for your annual advertising fee. See the feature above for fees based on your Location.
  • We don't determine your schedule, what you charge, what party favors your provide, etc. You're your own boss!
  • All prospective clients contact you directly by phone or email.
  • Easy-to-use tools to completely self-manage your account whenever you want.
  • Information provided to help you achieve better search results placement which yields more potential customer traffic browsing your account.
  • Include up to 6 photos with your account.
  • You're allowed a generous amount of textual description about your clowning character, your clowning act, your specialties, what clowning party favors you provide, etc.
  • Clowns who most professionally manage their accounts get ranked higher on the list of clowns for their area. When prospective clients perform a search for clowns in their respective areas, those listed as Featured Clowns tend to get contacted more. On your Account Home Page, we provide you with tips, suggestions, and a great deal of help about how to get ranked as a Featured Clown.
  • Stats showing how many times your account was displayed in a list of search results.
  • Stats showing how many times your account was clicked on and viewed by your prospective clients when they searched for clowns in your Location(s).
  • Stats showing how many times each of your photos were viewed by your prospective clients.
  • Safe and Secure - all accounts are UserID and Password protected.
  • Feature to retrieve your UserID and/or Password via email if you misplace or lose them. 
  • Stay tuned for additional features currently in development! We have plans for even more benefits to help you further advertise your clowning services!

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